About us (GPTR) and Contacts

Welcome to Greyhound Passport To Retirement (GPTR). We are a small group of volunteers dedicated to finding loving homes for ex-racing greyhounds.
We operate and seek homes in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, and Gloucestershire.

We find homes for greyhounds that have retired from racing or are unsuitable for racing for one reason or another.

We liaise with trainers in our area so that we have prior notice of a dog that will be available for rehoming. If a dog cannot be rehomed immediately after retiring it has to be fostered or kept in kennels temporarily until we find a home for it.
We would love to hear from you if you can offer a home to one of these gorgeous animals or if you would like to help us in our work in some way.

Although our group consists entirely of unpaid volunteers we do have continuing expenses resulting from general administration, home check travelling, and fostering and kenneling.
Our fund raising efforts involve sales, sponsoring, and donations - if you can help with any of these or join our group in a more direct fashion then we would be most grateful. See below.

•  You can contact us via our main workers June or Shirley (email addresses & tel nos below). They will be able to put you into touch with other members of the group depending on your needs.

The postal address for all homing enquiries and completed questionnaires is :
Welsh Way
Honeycombe Leaze
Cirencester, GL7 5TA

•  If you have any queries about or wish to comment on any aspect of the website please contact the .

Sponsorship and Donations

We would welcome financial assistance to support our work.
We are a registered charity (No. 1127091) and so you and we can claim tax relief on any donation.
If you can directly donate money or offer an acceptable form of sponsorship please contact the GPTR treasurer at 01865 739958


Greyhound Passport To Retirement

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* If you send an email please include 'GPTR' in the subject title, say in what area you live and add a contact telephone number. Identify a dog by its name and reference number.

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