Adopting a GPTR Greyhound

grndot/gif If you are interested in a dog, the procedure goes like this :

  1. You contact us, and we talk to you, seeing what you want in a dog. If you contact us by e-mail please add a contact telephone number to the message and, importantly, tell us where you live.
    If you are interested in a particular dog shown on this site please identify it by name and reference number.
  2. We ask you to complete a questionnaire, (open the questionnaire page) covering things like how often you are away from home,how secure your garden is, and so on.
  3. We visit you at home, so that we can see where the new dog would live and which dog would be best suited to your lifestyle.
  4. If things are OK so far, you come and see the dog(s) that we think may be right for you.
  5. If things go well, we arrange for you to take your new friend, or friends, home.
  6. We would be grateful to receive a donation of 95 to help with our running costs.

Important : We will ask you to sign a formal adoption contract which outlines some not unreasonable responsibilities upon you.
For information at this stage see the main content of the contract.

This may seem a rather long-winded process - but there are good reasons why we do things this way. We want our dogs to be happy - and also the new dog owners.

As soon the dog has settled in we would love to have a photograph (or two . . ) to display on our 'safely homed' page.
The photo can be from a digital camera - send the picture by email to the webmaster - or as an orthodox print which will be scanned for inclusion in the site. For a postal address to which to send a print email the webmaster (preferred, see bottom of this page), or telephone one of our contacts
Write some text to accompany the picture.

Unfortunately, because of the need to match dog to owner, and also bearing in mind the fact that we have to respect the wishes of the dog's trainer (where appropriate), there may be occasions when we do not have a suitable dog for every potential owner.
Greyhounds are all individuals and there may be none suitable for your particular circumstances at the time of your enquiry.
We do hope that you understand this.