Welcome to Greyhound Passport To Retirement. We are a small group of volunteers dedicated to finding loving homes for ex-racing greyhounds.

We operate and seek homes in Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Gloucestershire
We would love to hear from you if you can offer a home to one of these gorgeous animals or if you would like to help us in our work in some way.

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Advance notice of events:

→ Apologies from June, due to unforeseen circumstances she is not able to host her Garden Party this year.
    Come and meet us at these places :
  • November 16 (Saturday) - Christmas Sale

dog3HOMED Dog of the Moment
We thought you might like to see how rehomed greyhounds get on...

harddaysrest.jpg' Sometimes we hard working retirees just have to rest


Images wanted

If you have taken a lovely or amusing picture of your greyhound then please let us consider using it for our calendar Please contact and/or email the image(s) to .

A gentle Appeal for Help

Please click on the heading above to display a panel of suggestions of ways in which we would welcome your help in our work.

We particularly need the occasional help in manning stalls for our fundraising sales a few times a year.
If you can spare a few hours now and then we would be very grateful. Thank you.
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Ladies and Gentlemen,
If you are looking at this site then it is likely that you are interested in the welfare of retired and otherwise rescued greyhounds. Our small band of volunteers do need a bit of help for our work. There are several ways in which you could help and quite a few won't require you to over exert yourself or run around the country - we would like to have you as someone valuable in the background.

Would you like to be a 'HOME HELPER' for Greyhound Passport to Retirement?


Then here is what you can do from home :
What to do now :

Please contact June, 01285 712842, or Shirley,01865 739958, leave your name and phone number together with the project you are interested in and contact will be made with you.

Donations are very welcome and sponsorship to help us in our work would be greatly appreciated.
If you wish to help please contact us.



In the site :

• See the Greyhound FAQ page for information about greyhounds and the essentials of adopting and looking after one.

• Adopt a greyhound has information about how we proceed with a view to placing a dog in your life.

•  Looking for a Home displays dogs for whom we are actively, sometimes urgently, looking for an adoptive home. Really urgent cases are also featured here in this entry page.

• Features is a collection of pages that feature greyhounds in one way or another; some reflect our work (and play) with the dogs, others are for general information - or just for fun. Especially for fun is the section It's a Dog's Life.

•  About Us : more about us and who and how to contact.

If you would like to contribute to the site content, particularly with a Features item or picture(s)and story of a dog that you have adopted via GPTR, please contact the

The bond that forms between human and dog is very strong and when it is broken it is understandable for us to grieve. We have introduced an In Memoriam section to provide a recognition of and opportunity to express that grief. If you provided a caring retirement for a rescued greyhound that has now passed on and would like to pay a tribute to your erstwhile companion we would welcome your contribution to our site.