December 2008 Captions : Lazy Days

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What a bumper crop of captions for this month's image.
If you enjoy reading them then please send in one of your own every month; go on, go on, go on!
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In addition to the snappy captions for this image there is a lovely long one with a message for Christmas and the New Year.
I'm the handsome boy, seen here with the ball.
We've all had too much turkey and are feeling rather full.
Visitors came a calling and gave us all a fuss,
And of course the prezzies and mincepies were all a plus.
But what a super Christmas we've all had
Thanks to our super adoptive Mum and Dad.
No more training and racing round the tracks
So nice relaxing here, just lazing on our backs.
So thanks to the team at GPTR we are really fine,
And look forward to helping others next year in 2009.

Chris Marsden

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Oh dear, now what has Katie seen? There might be some excitement ANY minute!!
1 : from Sue Brooke
Must get a message back to my kennel mates, this retirement thing is HEAVEN!
2 : from Mary Clarke
Still two to go, I'll collect the rest of the balls up when everyone has nodded off
3 : from Lily Gordon
Have I got a tan yet?
4 : from Chloe Halliday
How d'ye get a drink in this place?
5 : from Brian Jaques
Hey you guys, look busy - here comes the boss!
6 : from Rick Jones
OK, so who had the sun lotion last ????
7 : from Chris Marsden
Tixi : How about it - do you think we could sneak another one in without Mum noticing?
Ryan : I dunno Tixi - sneaking another one in would definitely get noticed, there's already EIGHT of us!
8 : from Shirley Mason & June Brooke