September 2008 Captions : Whose bed?

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Meg and Ruby - very good friends
I wonder if Ruby is going to finish tucking me in?
1 : from June Brooke
This bed is really not big enough for both of us!
2 : from June Brooke
Now where is Ruby going with my covers?
3 : from Colin Jackson
I keep trying to tell her I'm too big to be put in her cot.
4 : from Derry Cobby
I know my bum looks big in this but that's OK 'cos I'm a greyhound!
5 : from Brian Jaques
One more backrub and I just know I'll have a bald spot!
6 : from Jemma Jaques
Ruby just doesn't listen, I told her the shoes just wouldn't fit me !!
7 : from Chris Marsden