April 2009 Captions : Wotsit?

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He says he's a greyhound in disguise - I say that dis guy's no greyhound,ba-ba-boom!Heh,heh!
1 : from Jim Allen
I told you this hypnosis works, it's been FIVE minutes already and it hasn't even twitched!
2 : from June Brooke
It says it's an experimental bonsai robo-cat and can we direct it back to Honda!
3 : from Sally D
No, you can't come up here - this sofa is for royalty
4 : from Brian Jaques
Good gracious, what do you take us for, we knew jolly well it wasn't real !!!!!
5 : from Chris Marsden
Certainly not! Does it look as if this is The Lost Cats' Home?
6 : from Colin Richmond