January 2009 Captions : Hannah in the snow

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Red nose for a reindeer - pure white for a greyhound!
1 : from Brian Jaques
Hurry up and take the picture - I'm freezing
2 : from Cleo Jones
Gosh, this white stuff is very cold
Just as I was told !!!
Mum says that she knows best
- just wanted to put it to the test!
3 : from Chris Marsden
Haven't seen this stuff before
But all looks rather fun
The sky is grey, no sun today
But think I'll stay and play
Yuk! Now I've got all wet and cold
With snow stuck to my nose
Think it's time to go indoors
Get warm and have my daily doze
4 : from 2Chris Marsden (again!)
Is this enough camouflage?
5 : from Harry Workman