July 2009 Captions : In the Pool

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Would you like to help me empty the pool? It would be quicker with the two of us drinking!!
1 : from June Brooke
My swimming instructor told me that the doggie paddle was easy!!!
2 : from Anthony Elliott
Do I have to drink it ALL?
3 : from Brian Jaques
Oh what bliss, this is such a treat
The water's great and cooling my feet
The kids will soon be back from school
Then guess I'll have to share MY pool
Still as they do love me and really care
I suppose I'll have to be good and share !!!

It's a dog's life zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!!
4 : from Chris Marsden
Less gin - and a bit more tonic please
5 : from Alan Moore
How considerate ... a water bowl big enough to lay in!
6 : from Mister Skips in Chippenham
This is lovely, but does it mean I've got to bath myself?
7 : from Shirley mason