June 2009 Captions : Hide'n'Seek

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Was I ever a racer - or was it just a dream?
1 : from Alan Beddows
Maybe I could do with another cushion or two, there's still a little space just here
2 : from June Brooke (1)
Is it me or is the bed really shrinking? This gap is definitely getting smaller
3 : from June Brooke (2)
The last thing I remember was this van with 'Everything 4 Ur Pet' on the side.
4 : from Sally D
If it's Monday I don't want to know!
5 : from Brian Jaques
Gracious me - I really must have had too much booze last night; is that red nose mine or his ????
6 : from Chris Marsden
You ain't seen me,right?
7 : from John Roberts