October 2009 Captions : Poor me

This month's image really fired the imagination!
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Nah don't be silly, you're seeing things. There's nothing hiding behind me!!
1 : from June Brooke (1)
And I thought my rear end could hide the evidence
2 : from June Brooke (2)
He says he's a rear guard . . .
3 : from Sally D(1)
I thought he was a chew toy until he bit back!
4 : from Sally D(2)
It's the credit crunch - I've had to take in a lodger.
5 : from Sally D(3)
Mum bought me this big new bed and then this great stripy thing appeared.
6 : from Sally D(4)
At least I can outrun him
7 : from Sally D(5)
Let me out of here - gassy greyhound!
8 : from Sally D(6)
I forgot to shut the door again . . .
9 : from Sally D(7)
It's embarrassing but he IS the alpha wolf.
10 : from Sally D(8)
He snores too!!
11 : from Sally D(9)
After they've fixed my foot they are going to operate on my bottom - they say there's something funny there.
12 : from Jemma Howe
That's my nurse - and she's bossy!
13 : from Brian Jaques
Here I am on my 'poorly bed'
With horrid things going round in my head.
Have just come home after seeing the vet;
Won't eat chocolate again that's a sure bet.
I should have listened to my little mate
When he barked 'Don't eat that!', but oh too late !!!
They gave me a drink that made me quite sick.
But never mind, seems it's done the trick.
So now I must rest and have a good sleep
And in future, I promise, to dog food I'll keep!
14 : from Chris Marsden
He may be smug now, but he doesn't know that I had baked beans at lunch!
15 : from Mister Skips from Chippenham