January 2010 Captions : Collecting

What a bumper crop again! Aren't these dogs gorgeous!

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Shall we swap? That Santa's hat looks a little too heavy for you my dear
1 : from June Brooke (1)
Psst! Wouldn't you rather have the SKIRT as well? It really doesn't suit the colour of my legs
2 : from June Brooke (2)
Bah Humbug!!
3 : from Mary Clarke
If you think this is embarrassing wait until it appears on FaceBook!
4 : from Sally D (1)
I don't think they quite 'got it' when the rescue said 'They’ll need coats for winter'?
5 : from Sally D (2)
Is it any warmer down there? Because it's freezing up here!
6 : from Sally D (3)
If I stand just like this I can pick up Radio 3!
7 : from Sally D (4)
Your hat smells lovely!
8 : from Sally D (5)
'Ere when we finish, fancy a curry?
9 : from Sally D (6)
Cheer Up! If we get another fiver then we can go home!
10 : from Sally D (7)
You distract them; this is my chance to 'water' a Ferrari!
11 : from Sally D (8)
No! That's rude!
12 : from Anthony Elliott
Don't think much to your hat!
13 : from Brian Jaques
Here we stand awaiting the shoppers
hoping they will spare a few coppers.
No matter how large, no matter how small
we're very grateful that they give at all.
They come along with fusses and chats
and tell us how lovely we look in our hats.
So to all you who gave, we thank you so much,
and GPTR hope you'll all keep in touch.
14 : from Chris Marsden