Features - Making a Coat for your Greyhound, etc

If you are that way inclined - and skilful - it is relatively easy to custom make a coat, waterproof mac, winter-warm snuggy, cold-night-pyjama coat(aaaahh), for your dog(s).

blubut.gif This link will take you to a site where full instructions and patterns are displayed.
The site is American and the instructions are for a hooded coat but the patterns are easily amendable to any sort of coat that you fancy. Additional to the instructions are comments and suggested variations from those who have made coats.
• If you do use the site you might think it worthwhile to add your own little piece to it.

blubut.gifAnother American site that has patterns and ideas for greyhound clothing and 'accessories' (and some are 'whimsical'!) is http://www.sewing.org/. This link will take you to the page for sewing for pets.

blubut.gifAnd yet another site with several ideas for greyhoundy (and other dogs) things : Uberpest

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