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We know that dogs don't think like we do, we know they don't talk, and they certainly don't dress up voluntarily.

Having said that and hoping not to cross the line of over-the-top anthropomorphism or destroying the dogs' dignity here are some captioned images that might make you smile . . .

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'EllieJay' picks the caption she thinks the Best of The Bunch. Cycle through the display to see which one it is - do you agree? We think that they are all terrific anyway!

• A special collection of Chris Marsden's 'odd odes' captions can be seen in a separate window display.

Regrettably there are no more new issues of It's a Dog's Life since we seem to have exhausted the sources of suitable images.
The back pages will continue to be available, from the drop down table of links above - it's just that there will be no more new ones.