GPTR at June's Garden Party at Honeycombe Leaze July 27 2008

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Junes Garden Party at Honeycombe Leaze was a successful event in GPTR's calendar. The weather was dry and warm, but not too much.
Although the reason for the event was a social gathering of GPTR friends and supporters there were stalls for raffle, bric-a-brac, and dog goodies - and a variety of other ways of loosening your purse strings on behalf of the work involved in dog rescue and homing. Consequently there was a healthy mix of greeting old friends, making new friends, chatting, eating and drinking, relaxing, admiring each others' dogs, and buying.
Thank you to those who came, gave and spent.

Thank you to the people who made the party a success by their presence; thank you to the workers who organised the logistics of the stalls and equipment; thank you to Chris, Nikki, and Derry for their success in keeping everyone fed and watered with delicious food and drinks.

Special thanks go to June for opening her garden to us and her love of and concern for dogs.

•  The slideshow below shows only some of the beautiful dogs (and people) at the party.
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