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GPTR at June's Garden Party at Honeycomb Leaze July 27 2014


The garden party was huge success this year - as is usual! The weather was very warm and dry so there was lots of chilling out going on. Consequently there was a healthy mix of greeting old friends, making new friends, chatting, eating and drinking, relaxing, admiring each others' dogs, and buying. Lots to do too - like Guess the Height of the Brandy in the tree, where the Treasure was buried, and Guess the Dog's Name, How many Sweets in a Jar etc. also refreshments, merchandise, bric a brac, tombola, nail cutting for the dogs, etc.
There were two new interests this year; Mandy introduced her mini beasts in her special net tent housing great big stick insects, and other beasties in lots of different shapes and sizes. They were so well camouflaged you had a job trying to see them, but she did count them all in and they were still all there at the end! Also Jayne came with a lovely selection of her home-made dog biscuits, cakes and goodies etc. all made from natural ingredients, hence all the dogs knew where they intended to visit!
At the end of the afternoon a rosette was presented to the Best Greyhound Jerry and to the best other breed Alfie. See their pictures in the slide show below.
Greyhound ex-racer Mickey also found his forever home by meeting his 'soon to be' new family and their beloved ex-racing greyhound Rufus.

So we would like to thank everyone who came and supported us; spent lots and donated and a special thank you to all the workers as without their help the party just couldn't have taken place.

If you would like more information on the visiting beasties please contact Mandy on 01793 765593
If you would like more information on Jayne's homemade dog biscuits and goodies visit her website at www.demontfortsdelights.com

Thank you to those who came and spent. A special thank you for the donations received. The money raised all goes to fund our work in caring for ex-racing dogs and finding suitable retirement homes for them.

Special thanks go to June for opening her garden to us and her love of and concern for dogs.

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