Features - Inaugural Sponsored Walk Nov 11 2007

To mark the start of the group Greyhound Passport To Retirement the founding members of the group, friends, and supporters undertook a sponsored walk (guided by their four footed friends). This took the form of walking The Peace Mile in Cutteslow Park, near Oxford. Some of our supporters travelled more than an hour to join us - we greatly appreciate that. Thank you to those who wished us well but were unable to be there.

It was a beautiful day to match the aspirations of the group. The dry sunny autumn weather made the walk enjoyable over and above the money that was raised by the sponsorships. Every one had a great time; it looks like this is the making of an annual event.

The image below shows the walkers assembling for the off - the greyhounds are willing to moderate their pace to that of the humans!

the walkers
The sponsored walkers of GPTR