In Memoriam

A dog that has earned its place in the family (of one human + one dog upwards) leaves a big sadness when it dies. The love and trust that was given from both sides builds up a grief that is heart wrenching when the time comes that the bond is physically broken.

• This section of the GPTR site is dedicated to the memory of dogs that brought a richness into their owners' lives. Tributes posted here may not be read by many - but that isn't the point of them. One feels that posting a tribute is doing something to alleviate and manage the grief of losing a treasured animal. It is as if the dog could be extraordinarily aware of just how much it was loved.
• The words and expressions of some tributes may sometimes seem overly sentimental when read by someone who has not passed this way before - but the tribute is not primarily intended for them or anyone else but the proud and sad author and their pet.

• Please contact the if you would like to post a tribute here. Postings are author-anonymous unless it is requested otherwise.

  • Dog Poem, anonymous
  • Ben d. 6/02
  • Harry d. 5/09
  • Polly d. 6/08
  • Mr Skips d. 12/09
  • Millie d. 11/13
  • Nancy d. 5/15