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In Memoriam

In Memory ofMr Skips

grndot/gif Having made a decision in 2006 that we wanted to adopt a greyhound as a companion for our Border Collie, Megan, we contacted a greyhound rescue charity.

Mr Skips as found

We could not talk to them for very long initially as they were off on an emergency call to collect an abandoned greyhound Lurcher that had been dumped in a skip and was in a very sorry state, so we arranged a meeting with them later on.

After 3 months of talking and finding out about how to care for these beautiful creatures we were introduced to Mister Skips at his foster home in Dorset - the very same dog that they had rescued the first time we spoke to them.

We fell in love with him the moment we saw him and took him home with us the same day. It took him a good 6 months to a year to fully trust us after an awful start in life being abused and beaten, but he relaxed and became the most affectionate and gentle of companions. Mr Skips prize
He had some health problems to start with, due to his abuse, but he soon healed physically and mentally, and enjoyed life to the full, winning 1st prize in a Best Rescued Lurcher category at the charity dog show. We were so proud!

We had the honour of caring for him for 4 years before he sadly had to be put to sleep last year, the day before Christmas Eve, after losing the use of his back legs suddenly. It was thought that he had a problem at the base of his brain and due to his age, approx 10/11 years, there was nothing that could be done and no chance of recovery. We held him while he peacefully went to sleep.

We miss him terribly and felt we had so much more to give him. We can be thankful, though, for the time he gave us and we feel so pleased that we were able to improve his life and give him back trust in human nature.

Greyhounds have such a special way about them, and in time we will re-home more.

We will meet again one day Mister Skips - we are sure.

A personal thanks to Susan Buxton for the love and care she gave to Mister Skips at the beginning of his recovery and big thanks and love to June Brooke for all her support and help during our time with him. We will continue to do as much as we can to help the charity to carry on its brilliant work.